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Thank you and help cycle


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Hey, just wanted to thank your for sharing your knowledge on the forum and YouTube. I’m 40 years old and finally decided to stop crying about being fat and starting doing something about it.
I started working out 6 months ago. My nutrition is way better than it use to be. And for awhile now I’ve added some sarms. I’m 5’9”; 227lb; body fat is still high but when I started I was 248lb. The last month I’ve started doing intermittent fasting and lost inches on fat. Still strong. I’ve noticed a difference on my body where the sarms actually help me gain lean muscle.
I thought about starting including a steroid but saw a great video you posted on when to use steroids with your work outs. It was eye opening. Also, I read an article on Evolutionary about insulin control that was eye opening too. With those two, I decided to learn to control my insulin and reduce my body fat to at least 20% before even entertaining the idea of adding a steroid. I may not. I’ll probably just stick to sarms.
Anyways, thank you for being honest about everything that you post. I’ll keep reading and watching your posts.


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you want to get your body fat down significantly more than 20% before starting steroids brother... you have a great attitude and outlook, which indicates to me you are well on your way there but you have to go about this the right way health wise... sarms are excellent for the time being to help you get there at a more rapid rate... keep doing what you are doing, working hard and staying disciplined and consistent and you will get there


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Just keep strict on the diet and get your bodyfat down before using any kind of steroid. Sarms can be a great option while cutting down as well