Test E + Tbol feedback


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Hey guys, I'm just looking to get some cycle feedback/suggestions from more experienced users. Thanks in advance

Age - 22
Height - 5'11
Weight - 155
BF % - 12%
Years Training - 7
Cycle Goal: Recomposition (gain lean mass, lower bf %)


Wk 1-12: Test E 350mg/wk
Wk 1-6: Tbol 60mg/ed
Wk 1-18: Aromasin 12.5mg/eod


Wk 15-18: Clomid 50/50/25/25
Wk 15-18: Nolva 40/20/20/20


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Without knowing your history or anything the cycle looks good. TBOL is probably my favorite oral around as far as the results to sides ratio


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come on man... your WAY too young and your way too undersized... thats absolutely ridiculous... NOONE here is going to advise someone your age to use steroids! PERIOD!


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i would not advise you to use steroids if you paid me a million dollars.. yes, you can make your own choices but im certainly not contributing to someone ruining your life... listen man, i get THOUSANDS of questions per day and I have been doing this a long time and have seen it all... i think i know what happens to guys that use steroids your age and you know what, its never good, not at all... you are gong to learn a very very severe and lifelong lesson that i have a feeling you dont want to encounter... you are too young to be using ANYTHING bro... be smart, don't be a fool and learn the hard way…

you need to watch my video on the dangers of underage steroid use…