TD for sarms4sale mk2866 and lgd4088!! first cycle? any thoughts?


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Hey all,

This is kinda late but just letting everyone know it was a fast TD for sarms4sale. Ordered Thursday night, got it Monday! Now that's quick. They also answer your questions pretty fast! I'm happy I used them and came here.

So I got 2x of mk2866 and 2x lgd4088.

I'm thinking of running mk2866 for 6 weeks at 25mg to see how my body reacts to sarms and than try on the lgd later. I took dylans advice and I'm waiting for the aromasin especially for the lgd because i had a slight gyno issues when I tried DMZ a few years back.

.. only issue know is the damn coronavirus is closing everything down. I don't want to start it and two weeks in, my gym closes mid cycle.

Since I have 2x of each. Does anyone recommend running it at the same time like 25mg of mk2866 and 10 mg of lgd? Or just run mk2866 by itself to test the waters with sarms (due to gyno scare). Any suggestions to a diff cycle protocol other than what i wrote?

thanks for any advice!


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you should just stack them... im not sure why you wouldnt honestly... stack them both... the only issue i see is that they should be ran 12 weeks but other than that, thats a great stack


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So the mk2866 is 50mg/ML. You only need 25mg/day so each bottle lasts 60 days so you can run 12 week of that.

LGD you are a bottle short. Its 10mg/day and their bottles are 10mg/ml and 30 MLs so you have 60 days worth.

Honestly id just pick up another bottle of LGD. Another option would be to 2/3 of an ML a day so getting around 6.66mg LGD and run it for 90 days.

I would get another bottle of LGD personally but could run the dose a little lower and stretch it for the 90 days. I would definitely stack both. My log is going to be cardarine, sr9009, osta, lgd and rad140 all stacked.


Stacking them would be much more ideal as would running them 12 weeks. Those are the ideal ways to run them but certainly not the only way. We just like to advise people on how to get the most out of their cycles. We know you spend hard earned money so we do want you to get the very best results possible