Starting low dose tren e


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Looking to start a low dose of 200mg Tren E cycle for 10 weeks with my TRT to recomp a bit. Wanted to get additional opinions prior to starting or continuing to wait.

Just had blood work done, the things that were out of range

Hemoglobin 18.2 Range 13.2-18.0
BUN 26 Range 6-20
ALT 81 Range 0-48
AST 54 Range 0-38
BUN/CREAT Ratio 28.9 Range 7.3-21.7

Labs were done after strenuous exercise.

By running 200mg i was hoping that the low dose would provide some results while mitigating sides and any organ enzymes raising

I plan to get labs again in a couple of weeks to see where all of the above is but ideally wanted to get opinions if labs are decent enough to begin or another 90+days is ideal
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I have run tren on the lower end a bunch of times and love it. I find 300mg per week to be my sweet spot where results are still really good but side effects are kept at bay. Nothing crazy about your bloods but definitely run some N2Guard for the liver numbers.


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I feel like you labs are not in a good range to be adding compound like Tren. Your hemoglobin is at 18 which even tho that supposedly in range that is still high should be around 14-15. I would go donate double red blood ASAP. Your ALT and AST are also very high donating double red cells will help to lower these numbers as well. A compound like Tren is what I like to jokingly say is poison lol. Is your blood pressure high right now to? I would guess so with this numbers.


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200mg tren works really well. I did that last summer and will be doing that again this summer. I would try to improve your health numbers first before going on. You have many things elevated


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200 is just fine for gains but any mg is not good if your bloodwork is out of whack... i wouldnt run tren at all without having pretty damn good looking bloodwork , regardless of the dose