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I have horrible insomnia for like 2 years, Waking up 3 Times at night not falling asleep for like An hour and ending on the couch to begin my morning.

The strange thing happend, i started yesterday my cycle test p primobolan and var.
For the first time in months/years i slept from 23:00 till 6:30.

Is there An explenation for this?

Did some testosteron blood test in the past but doc said It was oke.(26years old / 321ng/dl free test)


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Glad you got some sleep bro. I'm not sure if that's your total Test but that is really low for your age.


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its just a coincidence... that has nothing to do whatsoever with you getting any better sleep quality... its wishful thinking man


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Some guys will sleep better on gear but also some guys sleep worse. Maybe this is a side effect you will enjoy. I recommend getting to the root cause of your sleep issues though. SteveSmi has a super in-depth article on sleep that explains all the measures you should take to get longer, good quality sleep. I am sure he will chime in on this one.