SERM and GHRP/GHRH Stack advice


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SARM and GHRP/GHRH Stack advice

43yo Male. 24%BF.
Good health other than slightly hypertensive. I take 10mg Lisinopril daily. I have a sedentary job and I’ve let myself go over the years. Former college wrestler so I was in good shape at one time and I’m not a stranger to intense training.

I maintain a good diet of lean proteins and fresh fruits/vegetables. I minimize fat intake and try to stay away from carbs other than weekends when I drink quite a bit of beer/alcohol on Fri/Sat.

I’m taking standard OTC supplements (including low dose creatine) and vitamins, tracking cals (~500cal/day deficit).

Current workout schedule for last 8 months: 30-40 min Cardio 2-3 days/wk around 6pm (running, eliptical, crossfit)
40 min weightlifting 3 days/wk at noon (I switch my routine every 4-6 weeks)

I would like to work out so much more, but my long recovery time makes it painful. I also seem to develop joint and muscle pain/cramps easily. To combat this, I stop working out at the first sign of pain which is why I only work out as much as I do. But, it’s hard to make any gains at this rate and I’ve really plateaued. I have the time and motivation to do cardio 5 days/wk and 2 hrs in the gym 5 days/wk (40 min at lunch and 1.5hrs in the evening), but my body just isnt cooperating lol.

I’m not looking for anything hardcore. I need something that gives solid results with minimal sides and risks. I’m new to this and have never done any PED’s. I’ve been doing some research for a few days now and I’m thinking I want to try this:

Weeks 1-12
Ipamorelin 100mcg, 2x day, morning and before bed
CJC W/DAC 300mcg, 2x wk, Monday/Thursday Morning

S-4 Andarine 25mg, 2x day, morning and 4-6 hrs later
GW 501516 Cardarine 20mg, 1x day, 30 min before workout
MK 677 Nutrobal 10mg, 1x day, morning

1) Do I need to do PCT? If so, what and for how long?
2) Does the stack make sense? Dosing? Protocol? Anything need fasted?

I welcome any comments or suggestions…
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