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Hi Dylan Hi Everyone, I'm reading you since a couple of weeks and take the time to build all my information before starting

I'm 45 soon ( for me it's my last chance to bulk up and get rip never really arrive in my life)
I'm training since 15 yrs old ( now 30 years), old athlete professional I have done it 2 times in my life Roid with good succes. BULK

Now my bio is

6'3'' and 215 ( just lost 35 pounds) last 10 month ( covid and 3 surgery back shoulder ischo leg)
My weight watcher said
Imc : 26.8 %
Fat: 25.4 %
water: 54.8 %
bone: 7.8 %
Muscle mass: 38.6 %

Blood check is done before: Low but regular in testo LH etc... everything else clear
take a pill for blood pressure High since 2 yrs and averything is regular now 130 / 80
I have a lot of pain in my articulary since many years

Now What I will use

and will start SLOWLY I'm not searching to be a super bulk and open to trying sarms for the last kick this year 1 or 2 cycles if everything is ok will like to gain 15-20 pound lean muscle and get rid of % body fat to around 15-20% I will be more then happy. ( try to do it in 2 or maybe 3 cycle) and after just keep the maintenance for a run. But one step at a time... ( this is why I write you ... )

Rad140 10 Mg instead of 20mg
Mk677 12.5 instead of 25mg
LG4033 5 MG instead of 10

and can go for a 12 wk run OR 8 week run high dosage or the same ( about what you think)

I'm Meso ... but i always have so fat around my stomach since 5 yrs old... but everything else is lean and long

I think my maintenance calorie is 2800 and plan to go around 3000-3300 daily with a ratio of 40 % prot /40 % Carb /20 % fat 322g / 332 g / 73g day

I already eat very healthy... with 1 or 2 cheat day every 14 day ( cheat = 4-5-6 drink alcohol and a good and big plate for super )

I already eat 6-7 meals per day... i was in a 16 hours fast ( work well ) but now will stop it and go for 6-9-12-2 pre-workout -3-4 post work out - 18 -21 hours meal

around 400-500 cal each meal

I check meals BUT I don't get crazy ... just eat extremely well and not too much not too low.
Always the same thing I download a meal plan and get stuck on it for the next 8 or 12 week

My question is about the training program... did I go with a force program or superset prog or else
Plan to train 5 days a week maybe 6 ( cardio for this one and )

im regular 2:30-3:00 at the gym and Sunday at 12:00 and stay a little bit longer


1- Training program do you have one to suggest
2- Do you see a problem with my stack ? I know for MK677 will keep it around 4 to 6 month + clomid for 4 week after cycle
3-My bio ratio and stack QTY it's good ?

PS. Sorry for my english IT'S not my native one !
let me ask you this why do you need a cheat day and to drink alcohol? for 2.5M years humans never drank alcohol or ate cheat meals.

also what is your current workout program?
let me ask you this why do you need a cheat day and to drink alcohol? for 2.5M years humans never drank alcohol or ate cheat meals.

also what is your current workout program?
It’s true cheat day for me is a huge steak 🥩 with big potato and eat more then 500-600 cal

For alcool I drink low carb 100 cal only drink
And it’s is true we drink for the social and fun to have a little feeling

But it’s true that should not exist like many think on earth !

Tx SteveMi glad to meet you by the way :)
bros welcome to isarms
i like HIT training with sarms
and mk677 for 3mo+
and you need to post a LOG journal on isarms with your diet, training, sarms cycle as you start

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Just want to be sure a log for you is a normal eat day
And a log of training ?

And 1 time per week want to see pic + log weight Imc fat etc ?

It’s correct ?

Will check for hit program and do 2-3 day cardio or swim low intensity 30 min per week

Hi to all and Tx you so much for you touch base all it’s appreciate :) feeling part of the team !

Tx to clarify my question and
And 8 or 12 week ?
And keep 0.5 dose or should get more with my weight and height and profile ?
Lean muscles aim 10-15 lbs and my body fat is at 25 will like to drop it

My programme is in force rep to failure mix of drop set and super set depend on the muscles
Dylan can hook you up with the proper doses and sarm cycle. He’s the expert.
if youre body fat is truly 25% the LAST thing you should be aiming for is gaining 10-15 lbs... that is literally the polar opposite of what you should be doing.. that means you are 1/4 fat.. thats really bad and needs to be addressed by cutting... both by training, diet and your stack of sarms... i certainly wont advise anything other than cutting at this time
I'm with Dylan on this. I dont see a bulk being a smart idea. I think a cut makes more sense here. Use cutting sarms like GW, SR9009, S4, and stack it with RAD140
I am quite confused as well as to how you would want to bulk or attempt to add weight in your current condition. It would seem that cutting is the only avenue you should be looking towards first, to get yourself into better condition and overall health.
I like the idea of cutting first. Your body will grow and look better when starting from a lean state. Get the body fat down to at least 15% and then look to add lean mass.
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