SARMS Benefits Reference List: By Dylan Gemelli


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I wanted to put together a list of SARMS benefits in the order I would rank them so everyone has a reference guide!

Understand that the separation on some of these is razor thin so just because they are rated 1-5 does not mean there is a huge gap in differences on some but this is the order I would personally rank them!

Make sure to watch my videos on these topics as well!

The best sarms for fat burning:

The best sarms for endurance:

The best sarms for strength:

The ultimate sarms cutting stack:

How to dose and measure liquid sarms:

Fat Loss

1. GW
2. SR9009
3. S4
4. Rad140
5. MK2866


1. GW
2. SR
3. Rad140
4. S4
5. YK11


1. S4
2. S23
3. LGD
4. YK11
5. RAD140


1. LGD4033
2. S23
3. RAD140
4. YK11
5. MK677


1. MK2866
2. MK677
3. LGD4033
4. GW501516
5. SR9009


1. MK677

Muscle hardening/vascularity

1. S23
2. S4
3. YK11
4. RAD140
5. MK2866


1. S23
2. YK11
3. RAD140
4. S4
5. MK2866
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Thank you so much for posting this! Amazing information as usual and you are greatly appreciated by us all sir! Thank you for providing us amazing information and content!
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