SARMS and alcohol?


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Nope, not at all. Just suggested bloods for the OP to watch his Alanine transaminase (ALT) Aspartate transaminase (AST). Before, during, and after anytime he runs any kind of supplementation for growth.

You know, we are all different and need to keep a good eye on our health in this lifestyle.

Tried posting that twice and got deleted, then posted asking why it was getting deleted and that got deleted.

Kind of strange . . .

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Sounds like great advice to me bro!!

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Yep, I'm weird when I post. I'll come back two or three times and read the thread again after I've posted. Weird, the post were there then gone. Anyways, don't want to hijack the OP.

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bro, you are a new poster and they were put in moderation/spam... that happens to most new people... NOONE purposely deleted your posts whatsoever... so please stop the insinuations and next time just pm me... you posted NOTHING wrong that would ever be deleted! i would think you would know that by what you wrote... completely unnecessary to keep acting like that... simply pm me and it gets taken care of....