S4 causes gene transcription?


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Sarms S4 (Andarine).
S4 is described a research study chemical. It comes from a chemical class that is described in short as SARMS (SELECTIVE ANDROGEN RECEPTOR MODULATORS). As an androgen, SARMS bind to the androgen receptor with a significant difference. SARMS possess the capability to develop selective anabolic activity.

SARMS are commonly as compared to testosterone and other steroids and professional hormonal agents. SARMS have a benefit by having androgenic activity in non-skeletal muscle tissues. S4 was initially designed as a treatment for conditions such as muscle wasting, osteoporosis and benign prostatic hypertrophy. The non-steroidal androgen antagonist bicalutamide is utilized as a lead substance.
S4 is an orally active partial agonist for androgen receptors makings it efficient in not just preserving lean body mass but also increasing it.

How does S4 work?
Being a SARM, S4 binds to the androgen receptor while demonstrating bone and muscular anabolic activity. By binding to and activating the androgen receptor, S4 alters the expression of genes while increasing protein synthesis. This is how S4 is capable of building muscle.

S4 has the ability to provide muscle development much like steroids. The vital distinction is that unlike other steroids, SARMS are non-steroidal and do not produce the development result steroids cause on the prostate and other sexual organs.
SARMS represent numerous various qualities and choices of use for a variety of goals and conditions. SARMS were designed and intended to deal with muscle wasting conditions such as cancer, osteoperosis, AIDS and age-related issues. Another crucial use of SARMS is for bodybuilding. SARMS have actually become prevalently used throughout the bodybuilding world for efficiency improvement and as a far more secure alternative to steroid use.

S-4 has the unique capability to bind to the androgen receptor in muscle and bone at the rate of 1/3 the affinity of testosterone.
Truths on S4 Capabilities.
S4 was shown to be able to restore skeletal muscle and strength in castrated rats, which is a vital conclusion for treating muscle wasting along with male HRT (hormonal replacement treatment).

A research study conducted over a 120 day duration compared S4 and DHT (dihydrotestosterone) treatment in ovariectomized rats concluded that S4 had the capability to preserve bone mass and bone strength to the levels of intact controls with greater effectiveness than DHT. S4 also showed the capability to improve skeletal muscle strength, reduce body fat, prevenet bone loss and boost lean body mass.
Techniques of S4 Use:.
Dropping Bodyfat or “Cutting”.
Cutting is the area where S-4 really shines. Steroids such as Winstrol and Anavar are the very best known “cutting steroids.” These particular steroids do not present as extreme of a size gain but provide huge increases in strength and lean muscle mass. S4 acts and works in a similar method.

S4 consists of a binding affinty to the androgen receptor which enables it to demonstrate fat burning results. S4 has revealed to reduce LPL, (lipoprotein lipase) an enzyme that causes lipid build-up. S4 works itself well into a cutting protocol with a concurrent decrease in body fat coupled with keeping muscle mass in a caloric deficit enivironment.
A troubling result when cutting is the loss of difficult earned muscle mass. This can weight greatly on the health and mind set of any athlete or body builder. A drop in metabolic rate and hormonal levels with an absence of calories is an ideal catabolic environment for loss of muscle tissue. S4 consists of BOTH anabolic and andrgoenic results in muscle tissue. This allows it to not just assist with weight loss, however also preserve and in certain scenarios, increase muscle mass while consuming in a calorie deficit or “cutting.”.

Another strong attrtbute of S4 is that of an aesthetic, much like the steroids Masteron and Proviron. S4 can increase vascularity and promote a dry, tough look with no water retention to be concerned with. S4 draws contrasts to DHT based steroids, without the worry of loss of hair or the toxicity that exists that can wreak havoc to a user internally.
S4 likewise lacks the issue of drying the joints such as other cutting steroids. This will permit the athlete to raise much heavier and perform at a much greater and consistent efficiency rate. Finally, S4 does not give any unpleasant pumps that are usually associated with oral steroids. Back and calf pumps prevail among oral steroid users and this can be incredibly destructive to sport specific training in addition to cardio functions, which is usually required when cutting. S4 provides none of these side effects.
S4 is incredibly functional and can be used in a variety of methods. While it shines when made use of in a cutting cycle, it also has the capabilites of use in a recomp or bulking cycle. It posseses a flexibility that is really uncommon and extremely desirable. S4 has qualities that make it preferable for any kind of goal.
When recomping, a user is trying to lose fat while still maintaining or including muscle mass. This is among the most difficult areas of achievement in bodybuilding but S4 allows for it to be far more attainable. Recomping needs patience and time. S4 provides the ability to be gone for a a lot longer time period than an oral steroid without the worry of the methylated adverse effects. Although specific injectable steroids can be ran longer, the concern of adverse effects exists makings them far less preferable for usage.

While S4 is not considered a “bulking” compound, it is incredibly useful for strength boosts without bloat or negative fat gain. S4 has androgenicity in mucle tissue and has a high anabolic affinity. S4 gains are much more sustainable and clean, which is far more attractive to a user who is putting in effort and effort to attain significant and keepable gains.
The half life of S4 is just 4 hours, so splitting the doses in half is often advised. Due to the brief half life, lots of users choose to take a dosage 30-45 minutes prior to exercising.
S-4 Does Not Transform to Estrogen.
SARMS can not be aromatized, providing all their effects to AR binding and not to metabolic conversion to active androgens/estrogens. There is no concern of any type of water retention or estrogen conversion with S4.

Unlike MK-2866, where blood work from users has, in rare circumstances, shown a slight elevation in serum estradiol levels, S-4 does not show any type of elevation. S4 has slight androgenic activity, offering the opposite impact while lowering bloat and other estrogenic side effects. This is evident with the previously mentioned hardening results that S4 gives.
Advantages Of S4 when compared to Steroids/Prohormones.
S4 is non methylated, as are all SARMS, ensuring that it is not toxic to the liver, blood pressure or other internal organs. Small suppression can take place when S4 usage goes beyond 4 weeks. Suppression is very little and can be reduced with appropriate on cycle supports. A complete PCT (post cycle therapy) protocol is not required with use. A SERM such as nolvadex or clomid CAN be used in a mini pct but is not essential to make sure correct recuperation.

S4 likewise offers a strong sense of overall well being while on, without the aggression often related to steroid usage. There is no requirement for an extended period of time off between cycles. When using steroids, a normal This Site method is Time On (Consisting of PCT) amounting the required time off. With SARMS use, a pause of 3-4 weeks is all that is essential, merely to prevent one’s body from desensitizing and after that one can begin a new cycle.
Side effects of S4.
Although S-4 negates the negative effects noted above, there is one extremely distinct side effect that comes with its usage.

When gone for the 50mg+ dosages, numerous users experience slight vision disturbances. These issues are just present when choosing S-4 and quickly disappear when S-4 usage is stopped. NONE OF THESE POSSIBLE ISSUES ARE PERMANENT OR LONG TERM IN ANY WAY.
The side effects are dued to the M1 metabolite and include temporary night-time loss of sight and a slight yellowish tint to the vision for some users.Although these negative effects are short-lived, if they are still a concern, a suggested method of 5 days on and 2 times off is a suggested dosing approach.
SARMS specialist and guru, Dylan Gemelli has actually developed an extensive and exact dosing method for S4 that ensures that negative effects are kept to a minimum. The secret is to follow the protocol specifically as it is developed with precision and precision.

S-4 Summary.
ONE-THIRD as androgenic as testosterone in muscle tissue.
Shown to be Anabolic at doses above 50mg.
BIG increases in STRENGTH.
Visually pleasing and excellent for muscle hardening.
Boosted vascularity present.
Excellent for endurance (aerobic or anaerobic).
Sped up fat loss above 50mg.
Joint healing results.
Half life of 4 hours.



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Here's another article

[FONT=&quot]A number of first generation SARMs are now in phase I trials. These compounds are being positioned for early efficacy trials for osteoporosis, frailty, cancer cachexia, and aging-associated functional limitations. Also, SARMs that potently inhibit gonadotropins, but spare the prostate, would be attractive as candidates for male contraception. The use of SARMs for the treatment of androgen deficiency syndromes in men has been proposed; the relative advantages of SARMs over testosterone for this indication are not readily apparent. Many biological functions of testosterone, especially its effects on libido and behavior, bone, and plasma lipids require its aromatization to estrogen; because the currently available SARMs are neither aromatized nor 5-alpha reduced, these compounds would face an uphill regulatory bar for approval as they would be required to show efficacy and safety in many more domains of androgen action than has been required of testosterone formulations.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]------------------------------ FROM THE SAME ARTICLE, LATER:[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Structural modifications of aryl propionamide analogs bicalutamide and hydroxyflutamide led to the discovery of the first generation of SARMs. Compounds S1 and S4 in this series bind AR with high affinity, and demonstrate tissue selectivity in the Hershberger assay that utilizes castrated rat model (35–37). In this castrated rat model, both S1 and S4 prevented castration induced atrophy of levator ani muscle, and acted as weak agonists in the prostate (35, 37, 38). At a dose of 3 mg/kg/day, S4 partially restored the prostate weight to < 20% of intact, but fully restored the levator ani weight, skeletal muscle strength, bone mineral density, bone strength, and lean body mass, and suppressed LH and FSH (39, 40). S4 also prevented ovariectomy-induced bone loss in female rat model of osteoporosis (41). The ability of SARMs to promote both muscle strength and bone mechanical strength constitutes a unique advantage over other therapies for osteoporosis that only increase bone density.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]S1 and S4 are partial agonists; thus, in intact male rats (37), S1 and S4 compete with endogenous androgens and act as antagonists in prostate, such SARMs with antagonistic or low intrinsic activity in prostate might be useful in the treatment of BPH or prostate cancer. The suppressive effects of this class of SARMs on gonadotropin secretion in rats suggest potential application for male contraception (37).

i can do this all day long, the point is, that what you read is complete nonsense... [/FONT]


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I'm taking s4 right now and I've been reading that it can permanently change your DNA, causing irreversible changes. Is this true? I was also reading that s4 is toxic and can enlarge the prostate over time. Can you please Talk about this topic because I'm kind of freaked out.
This couldn't be farther from the truth. S4 is not toxic and has been shown to have a positive effect on prostate and PSA numbers.

There is even a member on this board that ran tests to confirm this

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