Reusing 3 month old half filled sarms from sarmsx.


Ok so today i started my LGD solo cycle. I still have about half a bottle left of clomid from my last cycle of ostarine. I went the full 4 weeks of pct, spent another 3-4 weeks off feeling great. Now if the clomid I didn't use is still in the bottle with that little bit of air in there, and in a dark spot for 3 months till the lgd cycle is through will the clomid be good to go again? Shake it obviously.. Heard warm water or something? Put it in the warm water and it helps? What d you guys think. I would rather just buy a new bottle of clid to air on the safe side if there is any chance of it losing potency. I also read somewhere that they don't lose potency unless stored for like years is this true? Need thorough expertise on this since I do NOT NOT want to mess up pct. Especially on lgd. I also half a little over a half a bottle of osta i was planning on running the 4 weeks in the pct since that isn't suppressive supposedly if run for 4 weeks but if already supressed from lgd a little is that truly safe? Rather not and be cautious unless you think it truly wouldnt affect pct. That will also have been opened and stored for over 3 months will the osta be good to go as well? Planning on maybe running gw in pct as well since i have heard so many good things about it. So do sarms and serms lose potency and go bad if opened then stored for 4-5 months.... Thanks for your time!

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As long as your clomid was stored in a cool dry place you are good to reuse it. The only reason you would need to warm it up is if it fell out of suspension, but you should be good to just thoroughly shake.
You can't run osta if you are referring to ostarine in pct. It's slightly surpressive and you have to run pct after that. Plus it should be ran a minimum of 12 weeks.

In pct you should run gw and you could run sr9009 as they are both non surpressive.

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they are all good to go bro... as long as they were stored properly and not exposed to extreme temperatures, you are good to go...
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