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I called them this morning to ask a question and thought I would share...

I asked if I paid for a test how long would I have before I go to a lab and get my blood drawn?

The answer is 6 months...

So basically if you know you want to get bloods done in the near future and you want to order the test and pay now but you aren't really sure when you would actually go to the lab, you have 6 months to do it from the time of payment.
6 months should give u plenty of time to get unscared of that harpoon they gunna stick in your vein. :D
I would recommend just purchasing the test before you are actually going to get bloods, then set your appointment. That's what I always did and it only took minutes to get everything set
I used them for my first bloods. I ordered the lab work online and within 2 days had the orders emailed to me. The next day I walked into their local office and got the blood done on a Friday. By Saturday at 3:00 I received an email with the results. I don't understand what they mean about six months.
I reread your post. Apparently I'm way more out of it at work than I thought. You were saying it's good for up to six months. Lol. My bad.
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