Planning my new cycle


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I'm starting a new cycle after my pct ends to drop some of the excess weight I put on with this last bulk.

To that end, I want to minimize muscle lost (at my age, I need all I can), so rather than a cut, I'm thinking a recomp.

With the right sarms, can I actually put some additional muscle on in a caloric deficit?

I'm thinking gw (of course) lgd/rad/s4. SR9009 does nothing for me sadly, so its out. Can't add ostarine, last time I did all this, pushed me into bad estrogen problem as my body rebelled. It wasnt fun. So keeping ostarine out of the mix.

Thoughts or insight appreciated.

Basic plan is 4-8weeks 200c deficit, then last weeks of cycle at 400c deficit. Then PCT out at maintenance, although I'm concerned adding 400c start of pct is gonna be a problem, and perhaps step up 200c per week instead?



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you can definitely add muscle in a deficit... i always like to see lgd and s4 in the mix when someone is trying to do that and you clearly have that included so i see it as a well planned cycle for your goal


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I like the choices of compounds here, and I think it'll work well for what you're trying to accomplish. You can definitely add some muscle in a defecit, and I think you picked a great stack for that


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kewl, thx to you both for confirming. I'll also continue taking the mk677, will be interesting at the 10w mark with suppression.