Pinnacle vs Axiom

Any opinions on these two suppliers? Looking at test cyp and anavar.

Dude. !!! You can?t get anything better then that. Just search my recent preps in past 3-4 years and what can be achieved using those. Best on the market hands down!! Not even a question
They are basically the same thing. Pinnacle comes in 20ml vials and Axiom are 10ml. Same carrier oils. Same raws. They are really well dosed. As good as gear gets. The Anavar comes 50 Tabs from Axiom and 100 from Pinnacle. That's really the only difference. Pinnacle Ships more days a week. A bit faster on shipping. Reach out via PM if you nedd more info.
Both are great. It really comes down to whether you want 10ml or 20ml vials more than anything
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