Pharmalady December Specials

If you’re nervous about international, go with orals. Because of Fentanyl being shipped in vials from China, vials were an issue for several users, but it seems to have died down for a while now.
Hoping to get a order in soon myself i have before a couple times one got held up and i got the letter..but she reshipped and i got the 2nd one but it definitely took a long ass time! But it was g2g wanted to get a order in this month but alotta confusion and back and forth over like 2 weeks without shipping my order led to me just canceling the order and getting my money back out but shit happens...not harboring any ill feelings plan to reorder after Christmas and get it asap cant wait to run my next cycle with her gear wish things went better with my order but we will start over again ..being around the holidays and before Christmas id imagine things are busy and hectic but as for her stuff i can vouch for it actually coming in the mail jst takes longer and the quality being good stuff for sure!
It was constant emails back n forth...Heres how it went....placed my order..sent the money..3 days later get a trackin but then like another 3 days later a message saying it didnt ship and the money wasnt sent to right name...realized i was given first middle and last not. First and last...week to the day i go update change fix and send email saying so...1 day..did it ship no..2 days nope 3 days ..nope got told it wkd ship next day asap it never did so i got tired of waiting canceled it ..sent a email but didnt go thru resent it...figured id just go domestic and start asap after weeks almost of bk and forth and waiting when i could have had it by then to start...found it to start asap still offered to re-send..start over and have it shipped out was told not to and wait til thats what im doing.. thats basically what happened tho...but its all good we will start over and try again...
Anytime you guys are ready i am..even if it cant ship til after xmas i can resend it asap even tomorrow...but ifnot January is fine then..either way works for me 👍
Trying to brother..been weeks now im waiting on a email with payment instructions...finally got a reply saying she sent it but i never got it and told her that so waiting again for that...hoping to get the order in asap ifnot im gonna have to opt for another source here been weeks of back n forth now...
Yep ! Nothing... only thing i can think is it just never came through or maybe i accidentally deleted and over looked it clearing my spam box out here and there ?if it did go there ...but her email in response saying she sent the instructions came to my inbox fine...just never got it ...i replied and told her to resend it so hopefully i get that one soon im gonna give it today ifnot just order with another one cuz id like to get it in time and usually the past few times it took like 2 weeks to a month seemed like just to actually get it after ordering which im ok with but is why any longer and ill have to switch directly to domestic to be sure i get it in time ....we will see either way is fine just save a bit more with her is all...and she definately has a good deal going now to get a lil extra for free
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