Ostarine vs hgh and bpc 157 tb 500


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Dear forumguys and MR. Gemelli,
Do you consider mk2866 (with or without mk 677) as a better healing tool versus hgh and/or bpc 157 and tb 500?
I read lots of great healing effects of ostarine and i really wanna try this one out. I have tried hgh in the past but it didnt seem to work really well. I have a small tricep tendon tear that does not seem to heal for already 8 months.
It seems to me that therr is something special about ostarine and it healing qualities above other healing stuff.
i consider 2866 and 677 better than bpc and tb, absolutely, all day long... its hard to argue against hgh unless you factor in the cost of it, which is the main argument against it... it also takes longer for it to work , as opposed to 2866, which works faster and then combining it with 677 gives you the long term healing and all for less of the cost than hgh
Hey guys, i want to let you know i am finally healed up and can go train again!
So what healed my tendon tricep was:
- 2 cycles of bpc 157 and tb 500
- Dry needling sessions
- going on TRT ( better recovery overall for muscle and tendons, also higher estrogen rate in body wich really helps for bone density and tendons)
- one cycle of ostarine 30 mg/day
- cycling daily vitamine supps: Vit D, MSM, glucosamine, magnesium, omega 3, moringa,...
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