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I've read a lot about supplement that supposedly protect against hormonal side effects during a cycle.
Mainly the focus was on keeping testicular size / function, natural T and fsh production.
Many of them have only been animal tested. Some have shown great results... in mice :rolleyes:
I wonder what your oppinion is on these.
- Royal jelly
- Taurine
- Vitamin E and C in high dosis.
Absolutely what Dylan and rick said above. Rich Pianas is good to however it’s missing a few ingriedients so I would add Beet Root and Tumeric at least unless you go with Dylan’s which is solid all around.
Royal jelly? Can’t say that’s something I can even recall hearing of. Now you have me interested lol
Royal jelly:

There are some studies done with a low dose of anadrol in mice:

Results: In Oxymetholone group, sperm count, motility as well as testosterone concentration reduced significantly (p<0.05), while significant (p<0.05) increases in immature sperm, sperm with DNA damaged, and MDA concentration were announced in Oxymetholone group in comparison with control group and Royal jelly+Oxymetholone group. RJ caused partially amelioration in all of the above- mentioned parameters in Royal Jelly+Oxymetholone group.

Conclusion: In conclusion, RJ may be used in combination with OX to improve OX-induced oxidative stress and male infertility.
not likely any doctor would prescribe "royal jelly" to help here but hey, to each their own...
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