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Hello everybody, I'm new to this forum and so this will serve as my introduction

40 years old
270 lbs
15-20% body fat

I've been lifting on and off since high school, graduated 1995 and then really made it more of a lifestyle while enlisted, USMC 0341. 95-99. Did another 4 years in the Army 02-06 and continued to enjoy the sport. I've done my fair share of supplements over the years, but never did any steroids cycles. I always wanted to stay natural as long as possible, but did, of course enjoy researching the science and learning about the effects of different supplements and steroids.

Well, last year i started having symptoms of low T and sure enough had the VA do up some lab work and Total Test was 286 ng/dl. Now dealing with the Veterans Administration with this issue will belong to a whole another thread, but further testing at my own expense showed...
Total 259 ng/dl
LH 3.1 mIu/ml
FSH 7.6 MIu/ml
Estradiol 25.7 pg/ml

I was able to talk the VA into a hrt protocol. Its been 10 months now, on Test Cyp. 100 mg/ .5ml a week. Doctor wanted to give me one shot a month initially, can you believe that, had to give her a class on the half life of test cyp ect... so current labwork
Total 534 ng/dl
Free 98.8 pg/ml
LH <.2
FSH .9
Estradiol 28.3 pg/ml

Better numbers and feeling much better, but would like to be on the higher side of Total, like 700-900 at least. Don't think the VA is going to budge unfortunately. If you're within the range, they see no reason to up your dose and one nurse even said the system would flag the request anyway. I do have an appointment with an endocrinologist like two months out, but not expecting any cooperation. I will be asking them to run a full hormone panel to include bio-available T, SHBG, DHT, and PSA

Right now i'm dealing with a little atrophy (to be expected) and some mild to moderate dull pain in the testicles, most pronounced at night. very low sperm levels and pissing like 3-4 times a night. Altogether nothing too serious. I do believe though i would also benefit with starting HCG, but a VA nurse said most likely will not get a prescription from endo. I also brought up the idea of having a AI prescribed, just to have, in case E2 went above 30 and got the same run around.

My future goals. At my age and interests I'm transitioning away from a total dedication to weight lifting and interested in more endurance related sports, ie... running, swimming, biking, calisthenics and boxing ect... I always thought i was a runner stuck in a weigh lifters body, lol, at the end of the day, I'm looking long term and don't want to carry a lot of weight on my frame as i get older.

I'm hoping endo will cooperate because i believe i would be much closer to optimal at 200 mg/ml of test cyp a week. maybe a little less if i can start HCG and having an AI, sitting on the side, cant hurt. I have no personal interests in steroid cycles, still of the belief that "test is best," though since i am 40, i am enjoying forums like this where i can learn about the advances in peptides and HGH, which i will most likely consider in the future.

I continue learning and reading about hcg but would appreciate some advice from someone more educated and experienced than myself. Again, this wont be pct, as i will be using it in conjunction with test cyp. my question, do you stay on hcg in conjunction with test for life, or would you cycle off hcg like for example after 6 weeks (lets say at 500 iu 3 times a week for 6 weeks?) I know i've read there can be desensitization issues with higher doses, but what about lower doses for long term use, perhaps 300 iu 3 times a week continuously. Thanks in advance for any clarity on that issue. Feel free to point me to any current threads, and of course critical analyses on any thought processes displayed here are fully expected, but more so welcomed.

Anyway, that's the deal for now, appreciate all the contributors to this site and look forward to continue learning from you guys. Also, would enjoy hearing other stories from veterans who have dealt with the VA concerning HRT.

Thanks again,

Welcome brother! Glad to have you with us. Let me know if you have any questions
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