New Stack Options Coming Soon!


Thanks to the persistence of Dylan Gemelli, we will be adding some stack options to the site with a mix of SARMS and Peptides. Here are the three we will be adding this week...

Healing Stack: MK-2866, MK677, TB-500 and BPC-157

Sleep Aid Stack: MK677, Ipamorelin, CJC 1295 No Dac, GHRP-2

Fat Loss Stack: GW501516, SR9009, HGH Fragment 176-191, CJC 1295 No Dac, Ipamorelin

These stacks will have two options... One option will have ONE bottle of each and the other option will be geared towards a full stack with 3 of each. Discounts will be built into the stacks as they are posted! They will be available for purchase on or before Friday this week!
Thank you Dylan for pushing, and thank you for offering these. What a great tool to help guys build the right stack for their goals. Especially for example guys that may be experienced SARMs users but not quite sure how to add peptides to the mix. Great info.
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