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hi everyone new member here have been contemplating a cycle for a year or two now dont know a huge amount about sarms but from what iv read it definitely seems an easier of a step than the injecting route , i would love some feedback from people who know there stuff when it comes to this , iv trained naturally for 8 years now have built quite a solid base have pretty good genetics when it comes to aesthetics and thats always been my main focus just a lean chiseled physique, I just cant help temptation much longer to see what the next step looks like , iv seen alot of talk on 8 week cycles with no pct required and think its something I would like to try I'm 32 , 5 ft 7 , 155 lbs (lean) any help would be greatly appreciated thanks (I live in the uk)


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So you really want to run 12 weeks.

I love the classic triple stack of cardarine, mk2866, and s4 (andarine). I?m running cardarine and sr9009 now and will be adding rad140, lgd, and mk2866 next week and running that for 12 weeks. All from sarmsforsale as they have high quality stuff.

You will need a mini pct if you run any of the sarms that can mildly suppress like mk2866, s4, rad140, and lgd. YK11 and S23 are more suppressive than the ones I just lists so you 100% need a full pct with those from what Dylan has shared.

Hope that helps!


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there are only three sarms that you can use with no pct... gw501516, sr9009 and/or mk677... so im not sure where you are getting your info but the cycles are also generally 12 weeks.. .they dont even peak until week 8


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SARMs are really versatile so I would suggest reading about the different compounds and coming up with a proposed cycle. I know for me, I always recommend Cardarine in every cycle. In your case, depending on specific goals, I would probably try the Triple Stack. That would include Ostarine, S4, and Cardarine. You would absolutely need a PCT though.