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Need help with my bloodwork!


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I finished my 12 week cycle of 15mg of lgd, 30mgs rad 140 with 25 mgs of mk677. Waited 3 days for the compounds to come out of my system before starting my pct with nolva. I’ve been running mk for over 10 months now and still am while on pct. Took blood work on my last day of my cycle and need help with the bad results I got back, so here it is

4.50 nmol/L

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin
8.00 nmol/L

Free Androgen Index

414.00 mIU/L

237.00 pmol/L

Can anyone give me insight if this is normal for sarms usuage? Clearly my test has dropped quite some bit but the elevated prolactin and estrogen is way too high, and not sure why my shbg is really low could that be the long use of the mk? Please reply back and help me out!

Thank you
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I only got the lab work for after cycle pre cycle the lab lost my sample and did not give me my results... and the sarms are from a Canadian source called Pareto and they gave me everything a Sarm would do so I don’t think it would be bunk.


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clearly if your bloodwork is fucked up they DID NOT give you everything a sarm would do and for the second time, you DID NOT post reference ranges


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Sorry, here’s the reference ranges
Test -normal 7.6-31.4 nmoI/L
Shbg- normal 16-55 nmoI/L
FAI- normal 24-104
Prolactin- normal 86-324 mIU/L
Estrogen-normal 0-192 pmoI/L


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+1 and looking at the dosages im assuming those are not esarms or sarms1 unless they are liquids and you are creating your won dose.