My ostarine post cycle exp: suppression + bloodwork


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Hey guys,

I did my first PED cycle (ostarine + cardarine) and I wanted to share my post cycle experience.

32 yo, 5'8", 165lbs, around 15% BF, 6+ years exp lifting. Just wanted to get ripped: keep my muscle and decrease my body fat % to see more abs. I decided to run a 12 weeks ostarine (15mg) + cardarine (10mg) cycle in calorie deficit (around 500).
Everything went well during the cycle. Up until week 10 I had great results: increase in strength, pump, cardio. I felt like nothing could stop me in the gym and workout for hours. My mood was excellent too. More alert/happy in general (no tiredness/ overall feeling) and feeling more horny than usual. The cycle worked and results were achieved (solid but nothing spectacular): muscle looking bigger/pumped and probably decrease BF by couple %: I now have clear abs and veins popping up next to the V shape abs obliques.

Anyway, now let me get to my post cycle experience which is clearly less rosy...

Unexpectedly I had to go 2 weeks abroad (for family reasons) 3 days before my cycle ended. I had a PCT on hand (Nolvadex) but I did not take it with me. I did not want to risk something at the custom. After few days abroad I had the typical suppression symptoms: lack of energy/strength, sleepiness, zero sex interest (could have several days without fapping or even have a boner). I felt like crap and I could not find a PCT where I was and did not do the bloodwork.

Now I am back home (still have suppression mood) and just did the bloodwork (so this is 3 weeks post cycle). Looks kind of bad but I don't know what is my pre cycle base. I did not do blood test before my cycle (yes I am a freakin moron).

- LH, serum 1.90 mIU/mL (1.7 - 8.6)
- FSH, serum 3.50 mIU/mL (1.5 - 12.4)
- Estradiol, serum 16.52 pg/mL (7.6 - 43)
- Albumin (S), serum 4.4 g/dL (3.5 - 5.2)
- SHBG, serum 16.00 nmol/L (18 - 54)
- Testosterone (total) 213.00 ng/dL (280 - 800)
- Free Testosterone 0.057 ng/mL (0.090 - 0.30)

Total and Free test below range as expected. SHBG too. LH FSH and Estradio in range but low.

First feeling is to obviously start Nolva which I did 3 days ago as soon as I came back. Will run 20/20/10/10 as it is the most often recommended.

What do you think of the blood test? Particularly the SHBG LH and FSH? And is my PCT on Nolva the appropriate one?

Thanks for the reco.
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without pre cycle blood work, i cant say anything for you... noone can... so thats really on you when it comes to that because without having anything to compare to, how on earth could we tell you anything that is not simply an assumption??

where did you get your sarms?
Where did you get these so called "SARMs" from? Always raises a red flag when I see something dosed odd like Ostarine at 15mg. I am willing to bet you did not use SARMs but some type of prohormone or oral steroid. You are still seeing some suppression but the good news is the HPTA is functioning and it will likely just take time to recover. You could start taking N2Generate to at least feel better.
Thanks for the answers. I won't share the source to keep the responses unbiased.
It's a liquid sarms, so easy to dose with a syringe.
well its all up to you how you do it... there is such a severe lack of info here... no pre cycle bloods, no source etc so im not sure why you even asked?
I have zero interest in entering the debate "your sarms is bunk mine is better and has no suppression".
I asked two simple questions:
- What do you think of the SHBG LH FSH and E2
- What do you think of my PCT.

That's it. If you cannot answer, no worries, have a fantastic day :)
It's really all guess work , guys make the mistake of not doing pre and post bloods , or one and not the other, if you dont know the baselines before you jump into a cycle how can we help you if you dont know the numbers we sure as heck cant
Looking at your bloodwork and with no idea where you were before I would say you are a little more suppressed than id normally see running cardarine (which is 100% not suppressive) and mk2866 at that dose (15mg) as thats pretty low compared to the 25mg-50mg levels.

The good news is your natural hpta is crushed (i.e. LH and FSH are not 0 and your body is still producing some test).

I would run the nolva 20/20/10/10 and get a bottle of n2generate ES fom need to build muscle and then take a good 3 months off and recheck bloods.

Do not check them while running your nolva it will give you false levels.
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