My [Lean Bulk] SARMs Log (S4, MK2866, RAD140)


Hey guys, I'm going to document my 12-week SARMs cycle for anyone interested, as was requested by a few members.

As you will see in the photo attached, I'm using a mixture of some newly-ordered Umbrella Labs products, in combination with some Science.Bio products that I already had on-hand. Not sure what ppl here think of Science.Bio, but a lot of people speak highly of them. I know for a fact some of their other products are legit, but cannot speak first-hand on their sarms. And many people here have raved about Umbrella Labs, so I feel pretty confident in them as well.

I am currently just finishing up on a [natural] cut to get my bodyfat down to a decent level before attempting to make some lean gains. This is usually where I falter, either slack off on my diet and start eating too much of the wrong foods, or increase my calories too fast, and start storing more fat than actual muscle. I have whatever the opposite of good bodybuilding genetics are, and fat is stored easily while my body does not like to build/hold muscle. Anyway, I am motivated to give it my best attempt and I'm thinking this log will help me even more to stay on track.

Currently have 1 week left of my cut, to lose another 1/4" from my stomach, and then will start to raise my macros slightly. Not sure yet if I am going to continue to do fasted cardio throughout. I'm thinking to incorporate cardio 3-4 days a week. On the days I do not do cardio, I will keep my macros lower, as simply skipping cardio will be a 500 calorie swing in my caloric balance. On the days I do cardio, I will allow myself more carbs to compensate. Since my sarms have arrived a bit early, I am going to start incorporating them during this last week of my cut.

About me... I'm 40 years old, 6'0", and no idea what my current weight is, as I do not normally track this. I'm guessing 170-something pounds. After my cut is finished, I will start monitoring and tracking my weight, as well as basic measurements on my arms, stomach, etc. I'm currently training around a plethora of chronic injuries, which prevents me from doing all the exercises I'd like to, but I do my best to work around my bad back, knees, shoulder, etc.

My current cutting diet is 220 grams of protein, 70 grams of fat, and 130 carbs. Definitely going to increase my protein and carbs while trying to keep my fat as low as possible, although it will inevitably increase by increasing the other two. I will update the diet as I go.

Stay tuned for the starting photo, and I will update with pics at least once a week.

excellent bro, looking forward to the results... science bio is closing their business and they have had a ton of trouble lately so i would be a little hesitant to use their products but you will absolutely love the umbrella products, i can guarantee that... keep us updated on your results!
Excellent sir, I will be following. Be careful with the products. They have been saying they are closing for quite some time and have had numerous problems Ive seen the last few months so just be careful
yeah i am looking forward to this one. umbrella and are who i get my stuff from
I am in to follow as well. Interested to see if you will get any side effects which I would directly tie to the products
This will be nice to see. I know umbrella will treat you well can’t speak on the other products.
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