My 12 week experience with SARMs cutting stack


A little late but I just started my lean bulk stack of Sarms running LGD and S4 For 12 weeks, currently 8 days in. But I wanted to show everyone what sarms can do in just 12 weeks if you put in the work. Before my LGD stack I’m running now I ran GW, SR9009, MK2866 for 12 weeks and went from 194lb to 166lb whilst adding muscle and keeping strength.
excited to see now what putting on some nice size in the most lean way possible will do this time around! Appreciate everyone’s help designing the last stack [emoji123][emoji123]


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i can see the progress... nice mane and tail shampoo too bro, loll... when i first started modeling, one of my coaches made me use that to try to get my hair to grow faster because they needed it longer for a competition i was in... i always thought that was a joke and i honestly dont know for sure if it actually worked but i always felt like it sped it up


Defiantly see some progress and you have dropped a good amount of fat . How did you find the SR? Your in a good position now to add some quality muscle on.