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MK-677 Expiration?


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Howdy yall, just discovered this website and am looking forward to communicating with all of you!
My friend just gave me the rest of his MK-677 bottle since he started taking DECA and EQ...
The bottle says "Use by 12/18", which is funny because it is now December, 2018.
Im curious to know how long it would actually take for this stuff to go bad? Beyond its expiration date?
It is a 30MG per capsule bottle and I plan on starting to take it soon every night before bed since I have seen people say it can cause lethargy.
Should I cut them in half and do 15MG daily and instead be on it for 72 days since my 36 capsule supply will multiply if I cut them in half?
I am 20 6"3 190 LBS currently bulking on a new workout routine as well as implementing a high carb and protein diet for maximum gains before shred season in about 5 months.
Is there anything else I should know about taking it?
Also, I take ADABOLIC creatine from STEEL SUPPLEMENTS, should I continue taking the creatine with the MK?
I counted the capsules and there is exactly 36 capsules left, which would result in a 5 week use, although I have a friend who can get me the same bottle for $70.
I would not want to take it for more than 8 weeks so I think I would be just fine with taking the rest, what do you guys think?
I would appreciate any responses!!!
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there's no way on the planet earth you have real mk677 for that price... not even remotely possible...


Save your money and do your research. Learn how MK-677 works and what it takes to get results. 8 weeks is pointless.