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been cruising at 300mg test/wk for the past 3 months, following a 700 test and S23 cycle.
End of cycle: LDL 140, HDL 13

3 months of 300mg cruise:
LDL 98
HDL 40
These numbers are BORDERLINE in range. Not sure if this dose is sustainable, and if my lipids will continue to improve over time at this dosage. I dont plan on cycling for a while. I am 275lbs about 17-20% BF, strongman/powerlifter, so fat loss isn?t my priority. But at this size I?ve found that 300mg barely maintains strength, if not lost.
Anyone able to maintain healthy lipids at a higher test dose and is this sustainable?
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So I would recommend an on cycle support like organst or n2guard to help with those lipid values.

Obviously diet will help correct too.


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Red Yeast Rice (standarized at 10 mg monacolin K per capsule) is cheap and will keep you LDL and TG in check even with hard AAS cycles.

For HDL you have 3 options:
-Krill Oil (manufactured by Neptune) unlike Fish Oil is very effective but pricey.
-Cardarine: ppar agonists are also effective for cholesterol, specially HDL. A must for tren users.

-Nicotinic Acid (not Nicotinamide): Only to be used for a short period. Also very effective rising HDL but may have adverse effects depending on the person. Flush is the most evident for everyone but is inofensive. Hepatoxicity is the main concern for some individuals. It may also rise your Insulin resistance.

IMO Combination of Krill Oil and Cardarine is ideal.

One thing more, if you have HDL that low you may have also AST/ALT levels above normal range.

Edit: I read your post again. You are cruising at this moment and you LDL is fine.
HDL is a little below range: Krill Oil alone should do the trick.
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man you should not be cruising at test doses that high... thats just not smart at all.. 200 is the fucking max on trt... you are playing with first if you think your going to do that shit long term.. its not smart whatsoever


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You are cruising with too much test. That's why your lipids are so fucked up. Try lowering your dose