Feedback on 20w cycle - Test E, EQ, Anadrol


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First post here so, Hi everybody!

I was wondering if I could get a second opinion on my thoughts for my next cycle.
I'm 35 years old, 6'1 and 255 lbs with a bf% of ~12-13.

I've been lifting weights for 16 years, trained as a natty and a competitive powerlifter for the first 10 years.

My previous cycles have been:
Turinabol 40/50
Test E 300mg/w 12 weeks
Test E 300mg/w 16 weeks
Test E 300mg/w 12 weeks, anadrol 25-50mg 4 weeks
I have made good, solid gains on theses doses of test with almost no (short term) side effects so will continue to do (relatively) small doses.

My plans on my next cycle, 20 weeks.

Test E
200mg/w, week 1-20

Start on 25mg and work up to 50mg, week 1-4, 12-16

400mg/w, week 1-16. If I remember correctly, this is the dosage DG recommended in one of his yt-videos on EQ.

PCT will start 3 weeks after last injection of test.

I have Adex and letro available if the need should arise.

I will stay on a 700 calorie surplus/week during the cycle, mostly clean food and throw in one or two "free" meals every week.

I will get blood work done before the cycle, 6 and 15 weeks into the cycle and 10 weeks after the PCT.

My goal with this cycle is mass and strength.

Any thoughts on this?
Have I forgotten something?
Do I need to change anything or is there something I need to watch or for?

Best regards, Zane84
20 weeks for someone who's not on TRT is a long cycle and will be harder to recover. 16 weeks is plenty and even that is pushing it.
Anadrol at the end of a cycle will increase chances of estrogen rebound during PCT. I recommend kick starting with it but I don't recommend it at the end of a cycle. It's a DHT but it does increase estrogen and why is not fully understood. This is why it increases water retention more than other DHT compunds.
Personally I would cut it down to 12 weeks. I understand the long ester of EQ and wanting to get the most out of it but I just prefer to put recovery and health over a few extra lbs. 20 weeks is extremely hard to recover from. If you factor in esters and PCT, you will essentially be on steroids for more than half a year.
i never recommended 400 mg of eq.. i said 600 is the sweet spot... 500-600 is fine... i would not go 20 weeks here... 16 is the max i would go
Thank you all for your time and response. I will take it all into consideration.

Dylan, my apologies. It's been some time since I watched the video and couldn't find it when I looked for it.

Based on what you guys said, I'll make the following changes.
*Drop the second blast of Anadrol
*Up the dose of EQ to 600mg/eq.
*Shorten the EQ cycle to 12 week.

Again, thank you for your help :).
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