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I?ve read many previous threads but wanted to resurface this topic. I?m currently on 4iu/day of pharma HGH. I just recently switched from pinning in my abdominal region to my delta as I was told this would be more beneficial. I?m pinning in one full dose around 3:00am, go back to bed for two hours, eat a preworkout meal and then train around 6:00am.

I continue to see that the best protocol for HGH is a split between pre and post workout? Is this true? If so, how do you suggest meal timing (should I workout fasted....only with a protein shake, etc?). How would I time my post workout meal and shake? Also, would I need to eliminate my intra workout carb drink (Karbolyn)?

Please help me determine the most ideal protocol for muscle gain taking into consideration early morning training.
I always pinned mine in the pm. Right into the stomach area subq. Going into your delt isnt going to be more beneficial. It wont make a difference. The timing of your GH also will make a minimal difference. It's best to not overthink these things. Hgh takes a long time to work. Keep that in mind
I always pin right in the AM when I wake up, wait likw 20-30 mins before eating, then good to go.

I also always pinned subq in abdominal area.

4 IUs is a good amount if its good HGH you shouldnt need more than 2-3 IUs a day otherwise you can run into issues like carpal tunnel, joint pain, etc.
The only difference between IM and subq is the absorption time into the bloodstream. IM reaches the bloodstream a little faster than subq.
I did both sub q and in the delt just to change it up. I don?t think I noticed any difference tho. I really enjoyed running HGH even tho I ran it for 8 weeks only. I plan on running it much longer the next time.
where you pin and what time won't make a lot of difference to be honest and also hgh is going to take a long time for you to start seeing the results so you will need to be very patient
UPD. I've tried it as well when I was on my muscle gain way. I used to buy Rats Army SARMs for growth and endurance as well. They actually bind to androgen receptors in tissues, changing their composition and function, as it got me interested actually. There are a number of different compounds of SARMs that differ in their chemical composition. So I decided to share my experience with you guys here, although I know many people will take it negatively. All in all, I have saved more than I would have spent on the shake-sand protein powder. I was able to bind reagents with lactic acid and make my muscles grow. Have any of you tried an 8-10 week course? I've heard that 6-8 weeks option is better.
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