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Hi Gentlemen,

This is my very first cycle of HGH and I have a couple of questions if y’all don’t mind answering.

I have 10mL/HGH vial and 30mL/bacteriostatic water.

How much bacteriostatic water should I inject in the HGH vial?.

Should I inject 3mL until the HGH vial is full?.

I also have 3/10mL insulin syringes that I plan on using. How much do I withdraw to equate 2iu’s?.

Thank y’all in advance for your responses[emoji120]

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Your HGH vial is not 10ml I assure you. How many IUs per vial is it? 4iu, 8iu, or 10iu?

Name brand?
Keep it simple. Add 1cc or 100 units bacteriostatic water for each vial. Use a 100 unit (1cc) syringe and every 10 units = 1iu.

Using a 3/10 cc syringe just makes it complicated.
Wow [emoji50]. Thank you so much for your response ccbram!. I appreciate it! I see what you mean about it being complicated with using 3/10mL.

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If you're a math wiz I'm sure you can convert it but I like to keep it simple.
Ha. I’m no math wiz but I’d say I’m adequate in general. I just get a little nervous when I start something as I want to be absolutely sure that I have it correct. I love how you kept it simple. Thanks again brother.

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Where did you get your bacteriostatic water? I haven't been able to find any online lately. It's like there's a nationwide shortage or something.
I have a buddy who’s on HCG and he was kind enough to lend me 2 bottles. According to westend, they’ll be back in stock in September. So I preordered some.

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I've been using sodium chloride in the meantime but it's not as good for preventing bacteria.
Oh I didn’t know you could use that also. Are you by a chance from Los Angeles?

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Appreciate it bro.

You can use sterile water, and sodium chloride you just can't use it more than a few times without an increased chance of bacteria infection because it doesn't have benzoyl alcohol.
Thank you brother. You have helped me out so if you were here I wouldn’t hesitate to give you the other bottle.

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