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Hey Dylan, I've just recently seen some of your videos and blown away of how intelligent and real you are for people who watch your videos. Thanks for that. I have a question about cycles and blood pressure. I am half and half on hypertension and just under hypertension . Some days I'm under and some days I'm stage one hypertension. I've ran cycles before ( about 3) but it's been about 2.5 years sense my last. I've been lifting sense very young but got serious into it from about 16 and now I'm 28. Should I stay away from cycles or is there something that I could do to keep blood pressure down. I know cardio helps. I'm 5'7" and right now 196 and about 13% bf. I can hit 200 at about 9% to 11% when I want before cycling but the blood pressure I'm not sure about. My only cycles i want are test cyp and eq. Do you have any input? Thanks.
i would definitely stay away from orals and personally i would not use any sort of steroid myself but thats up to you... my new organ st product is the best and most complete all in one protectant with a HUGE focus on lipids, cholesterol and blood pressure... here is the link...

clearly you are going to make your own decision but sarms would be a far better option for you and you can still use organ st, even though they are not toxic which will just help you IN GENERAL...
Any steroid can increase blood pressure, but you definitely want to avoid orals and tren, which have the biggest impact. Anything that has a llo t of water weight, like high doses of test and deca you want to avoid as well. Sarms wpukd obviously be the safest route for you, but regardless of what you do I highly advise using organ ST on your cycles. You need all the help you can get, and that's the best protection you'll find
Thanks. I'm almost positive that my pressure only goes up when I eat a lot of sodium. I check it at home and it's in the 130-150 range but when I get it checked by my doctor they say I'm fine so I'll have to keep checking g it more often. If I stay away from sodium it's in the 130 over 90. Doctors are always giving me different opinions. What is your opinion on that range. Is this too high
you are getting elevated, definitely and even without sodium you are elevated and steroids are going to enhance that even further... i personally dont like it... its already getting in a range where im uncomfortable just in general... you have a condition brother... like i said, ultimately, its up to you but me personally, if you were my client, i would tell you FUCK NO immediately
Hey Dylan! Im still watching all your videos and definitely appreciate you making those. Quick question about trt. When I started trt 2 years ago my levels were 850 taking 100mg once per week. In the last month i have switched to 100mg every week in a half from running low on test E until next dr appointment. Dr wouldn't give me anymore untill i got blood work. So got blood work done and test levels were 180 just from switching from 1 shot a week to 1 every 1 1/2 weeks. Could that extra couple days between shots do that in your experience or do you think my body is getting used to the test E and just need more?

your body is not getting used to it.. people stay on trt for life for a reason... your body doesnt just get used to it...
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