Hamstring/hgh question


Hey guys recently found out I have a tear in my hamstring, they don’t think as of now that I’ll need surgery but the rehab time is very long. I have some GW left over that I’ve already started taking. Was wondering if I added some hgh in if that would help? Anyone have success with it? Just trying to be back at it as soon as possible. Also what would you guys recommend for dosing because in my research I’ve seen a lot of different things and I’m not experienced with it enough to know which is right. Again not trying to get any muscle gain just strictly for recovery.

Thanks in advance- Chris
Not sure about muscles but HGH helped my broken clavicle heal in 8 weeks.
its possible it could help but it takes some time to work.. mk2866 would probably work faster for you but you could try hgh
I feel like growth or MK couldnt hurt. Hamstrings vary depending on how close the tear is to a joint and rarely require surgery unless you tear it completely thru. Blood flow is the key to recovery so just work around it and stay active without overstressing the area
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