Growth Hormone and enlarged gut?

Super Spartan

So I've been taking GH along with my cycles and even during PCT for the past 4 months @ 4 to 5 iU per day sometimes split into half doses and sometime in one shot.

My last cycle was Test Cypionate @ 500mg per week along with Winstrol + Masteron + Primo (600mg per week).

I was having lots of water retention and my belly looked like I was pregnant or something despite taking Aromasin EOD @ 12.5mg so I thought maybe it's just temporary water retention due to the Test Cypionate.

Now I stopped my cycle 2 months back and just recently finished my PCT. my tummy is less bloated now but I still feel like it's not as slim as it was before like if I hit it, it kinda wobbles even though my weight is 78 @ 10% body fat

I was just recently watching a video from Rich Pihanna where he talks about the side effects of GH and how he stopped it because it caused his gut to grow and he wanted a slim waste. He also mentions that vacuums help to reduce this bloating and shrink the waste although I am finding that hard to believe if GH has enlarged my internal organs or something.

Does 4 to 5 iu usually cause this or am I just being paranoid and this is just my body holding a lot of water?
No you're being paranoid. Those guys do 20-30 ius.

HGH causes a lot of water retention especially as you increase the dosage.
My advice is to start low 1-2ius and slowly increase over time and stop at the dosage you feel comfortable with. The water retention can get excessive as you go higher. Find your sweet spot.
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