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First cycle results so far. (Have to share with someone lol)


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Im new to the forum and just want to share some of my first cycle results. Ive been wanting to share my results with someone since my wife is the only person who knows im cycling and she doesn't want to hear about it lol. I figured ill share it on the forum what the hell 😀

Anyways heres the brief stats and goals etc.
HT: 5"7 WT: start of cycle: 172 currently 193😳💪

BF% 13 GOAL: Get as big as possible. Dont care about being shredded right now because i want to gain as much mass for the body and then i will shape and fine tune when i get big enough. Its a marathon im aware of this. Eat big get big pretty much.

DIET: protein source (steak,chicken,fish)with carb (sweet potatoes,white potatoes, rice) on work days ( 5-6 days a week). On my off days i eat whatever the wifey cooksme and the kids. Im not picky. Bodybuilding a hobby not my life. I do take very serious though for sure. I dont eat like a robot though lol.

500 mg Test E (2 pins a week in glute)

Week 11-14 HCG 500mg a week

PCT: WEEK 15-18 Clomid 50/50/25/25
Nolva 40/40/20/20

Supplements and vitamins: N2guard, fish oil, multi.

TRAINING: Random bro split, everyday. I mix it up between high and low reps depending on what i want to do that day. No set plan. I do not fuck around in the gym. Intense as fuck always. Stairclimber 30 minutes afterwards.

RESULTS: Im currently on week 8. Im up 21 lbs and havent moved a belt notch at all. Incredible. Im hitting all kinds of PR's in the gym and ive gained size according to the measure tape. Here are the results thus far.

Arms: Start 16.25 Current 17.25
Quads: Start 23.25 Current 24

PRS: Dumbbell shoulder press start: 65 lbs. Current 85 lbs for 9 reps! 💪
Lat pulldowns: Start 160 lbs 8 reps Current: 200 8 reps
Bent over rows (barbell) start 225 8 reps Current: 245 8 reps
Dumbbell pullovers: start 90 lbs Current: 110 pounder! Lol
Dumbbell incline bench start 85's. Current: 100 pounders!
Tbar rows start 4 plates 8 reps Current: 5 plates 8 reps
Shrugs start 3 plates 10 reps Current: 3 plates + a quarter. 10 reps
NOT A PR BUT MY BENCH PRESS WENT FROM 175 lbs for 8 reps to 215 for 8 reps so far. Although i have been at that weight before when i was fully bulked up naturally. Then i cut and lost some strength. Bench press my weakest lift for some reason.

LIBIDO: LIKE A PORNSTAR! Last forever and always want it. Never in my life felt like this not even teenage years. Not this bad lol. It is not a bad thing for me. Im loving it lol.

My appetite is wayyyyy up and my mood is always happy. I feel very positive about everything. I do have a great life though. Nice house beautiful wife two healthy kids. Life is good.

Negative side effects so far: hands and feet retaining alot of water at first so i upped the exemestane to Ed and it solved the problem. More money though UGH. Severe leg cramping for a few days but with the help of this forum the problem is solved. Lastly chest acne and bacne. Starting to get worse.

LITTLE NUGGET AND TIDBIT: My wife was completely against it at first but we do not tell each other what to do and try to support each other as long as not too crazy lol. So she eventually agreed to let me try it. She was concerned about the typical media hype of a temper and so horny i want to fuck another woman lol. Well im pleased to announce that she has changed her mind about steroids and recently said that she thinks im fine on test and actually sees the benefits its giving me without many sides so far. My attitude is really what she worried about and ive been fine. I also promised to go to my annual doctor appt physical every year that i of course neglect from time to time lol. So things are great.

The overall feeling is strong, and can take on anything. Absolutely wonderful. Superman for sure in all aspects of life. Feel like im more inclined to take risks or just accomplish goals. Very motivated feeling. Well just wanted to share and provide insight to those maybe starting a first cycle and have questions. Also just curious if my results are typical. I literally study bodybuilding and get lots of different opinions i find fascinating. Tell me what cha think or not thats ok too. JUST WAS EXCITED ABOUT THE RESULTS SO FAR AND WANTED TO SHARE WITH OTHER EXPERIENCED LIFTERS! 💪💪💪💪 STAY POSITIVE GUYS AND LIFT SOME SHIT!