First Cycle- LGD and Anavar (advice)


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Stats: 6'0" 190 lbs 27 years old ~15% body fat

I'm considering starting my first steroid cycle for the sake of gainng strength and lean muscle mass. As of now and based on my research, i have the following cycle planned:
anavar 20mg/day for 8 weeks + LGD 10mg/day for 8 weeks+ Iron Labs Cycle Support ??mg/day ? weeks
PCT: Clomid ??mg/day ? weeks + Nolva ?? mg/day ? weeks

As you can see, I'm still don't know the dosing and duration of my PCT and liver support supplements. Much of the information online is conflicting so I wanted to ask a forum before I purchased. Additionally, although I know anavar doesn't aromatize, getting gyno is a concern for me since I had pubertal gyno when I was younger. I was wondering if having a good PCT would negate the possibility of that happening and what additional precaution can be taken.

Also wondering at what week I should start the PCT and at what time of the day I should take each of the supplements (Pre workout, before bed, etc).

Thanks in advance


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That's not a cycle bro. How long have you been training?


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Well bro, you don't run oral steroids without testosterone and you don't want to mess with Anavar anyways. That's a weak drug for females. Where is your LGD from?

What is your cycle expereince?