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Hi everyone,
I need some feedback.
Im a 41 yo male, worked out on and off for years without much to show for it. Height 5' 7" weight 160.
I started ostarine, low dose 15mg for 2 days than upped to 20 for 2 days and then got my bloodwork done as a baseline. I should've done it before I started the ostarine. So heres my question:

My total testosterone was 65. The reference range was 250-827.
I had my PCP retest and it came back at 117.
It was taken at 8am.

1. Is it possible that ostarine tanked my testosterone so quickly or more likely that I had low T probably to begin with.

2. Is there any way to take testosterone shots just for one cycle and then somehow not get dependent on it and get my natural testosterone production back up again? My total T is just so crazy low.



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without you doing a baseline, its IMPOSSIBLE to say... if you have real, authentic ostarine, there is no way it caused you to drop drastic amounts but like i said, without you doing this properly, theres no way to tell.. also, the test should be taken fasted at least 10 hours and first thing in the morning, if you want an accurate number
Nothing, not even steroids will drop your test like that in 4 days. You likely had very low test ti stsrt with but its speculation without the data
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