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equipoise help


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Hi there Dylan i hope your day is going well im a huge fan of yours and your videos i have been doing some reasearch on EQ and watching your videos i would just like to know your opinion on a cycle i want to take if you thinkvits good or bad i do understand that you are not a doctor but i would really appreciate your help thanks again!

This is the cycle

0.5ml sust 500 / every Monday,Tuesday,Thursday and Friday ( 2ml a week)
0.5ml equip 500 / every Tuesday,Wednesday,Friday and Saturday
Proviron 2 × 10ml tabs split 1 x morning and 1 x late afternoon ( only Monday to skip every sat and Sunday to shock the system!!!)
Dbol 10ml tabs x 8tabs a day split 4 x morning and 4 x late afternoon ( only Monday to Friday also skip Saturday and Sunday!!!!!)


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thats impossible for me to answer when you literally give me nothing to work with... i dont know your cycle history, your goals? your workout history? stats??? age/height/weight/body fat... you cannot expect any sort of valid answer when you give me nothing to work with…

you dont really understand what you are doing.. you dont skip days of orals to "shock the system" either... thats just absurd man and i have no clue where you are coming up with that but it literally makes no sense whatsoever


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i was just checking as it did sound strange to me someone suggested this cycle over the one i wanted ill post the original one i wanted to use as well

well this will be my Third cycle

my first cycle was test decca and dball20mg/day (10week cycle)

my second was Masteron300 testPH100 TestE300 and tren200 with Tball 20mg/day with proviron 20mg/day (10week cycle) ( used arimidex as pct)

Im currently 24, 181cm, 98kg ,20% body fat (i do struggle with my stomach but i think that comes down to just tyding up my diet a bit more)

work out history i have been training for the past four years 5days a week with heavy weights and moderate cardio

my goal is to drop as much body fat as i can whilst trying to keep as much muscle as i can

my original cycle was gonna be

Week1-12 Sust500 1mg/week
Week 1_11 Boldenone500 1mg/week
Dball 30mg/day

and as pct 3 weeks after the cycle

day1 200mg clomid+nolvadex40mg
following 20 days clomid 50mg+nolvadex 20mg

if you have any sugestions im open to them thanks so much!


3 cycles already at 24 years old with 20% bf. You need to get the basic principles down with diet and training down before you do another cycle.


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this is craziness man... i would never advise anyone your age to use steroids, even if you paid me.. you are on a terrible horrific path... no to mention, beyond your age, you are NOWHERE NEAR the right condition to use them either... you need to stop this immediately... you have already done a lot of damage as it is, and you are only going to make things far worse... thats the ONLY suggestion i have