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Question Dylan:

You talk about E2/Test level ratios in your recent video...Does that mean you can keep your E2 levels higher when you elevate your Test levels? Example: If I run a 3,000 Test level (bloods) can I also run my E2 higher? Typically...My E2 (off cycle) is about 5-7 percent of my test level.
(Off cycle BW just before my last cycle Test 573 / E2 29). I hope I'm not confusing everyone. Basically, I'm asking is it ok to have a higher E2 level with elevated Test Levels as long as it's close to the percentage/difference when off cycle? FYI...I am not sensitive to E2.

Thank you!
to an extent but you still want it within the normal ranges it needs to be in... its ok to be a bit more elevated but i would still be aiming to keep it in the lower to mid 30's at most
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I suspect this is over thinking. If you have zero issues it doesn't matter. If, however, you DO have problems... then of course it matters
Yes but you still want e2 in the normal range. A lot of guys will feel amazing with higher estrogen on cycle, just don't let it get out of that normal range in your bloods.
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