osgear Zelle payments

V.I.P. Isarms Approved
Hello everyone! As you all know, at we take pride in not only providing the best name brands and quality but also in how we take care of our customers. We do everything we can to provide the best customer service and experience and part of that is LISTENING to our customers. We realize that payment options are few and far between and can be quite a pain, however, given the industry and safety concerns, options are very limited.

We are happy to announce that starting now, we will be accepting ZELLE as a new form of payment. ZELLE is easy and reliable and will now be an accepted method of payment!

Thank you to everyone for the support, feedback and loyalty! We will always strive to provide everyone the best experience possible!!
Wow, thats big news! That can make things far easier for people! Really nice addition and ability to have!
domestic supply makes things as easy as they can for their customers

what a great company, we love them for a lot of reasons
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