Dbol cycle AI dosage?


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Hi guys,
I am going to start my second cycle that start with Dbol for 4 weeks. Gonna run it at 20mg per day and 125mg of test e per week. Wondering what should the AI dosage be roughly. My first cycle is just 250mg of test e per week and I ran 12.5mg of aromisin EVERY OTHER DAY, the blood work shows that dosage was perfectly fine. I know dbol has the most estrogen conversion. Is running aromisin at 25mg EVERY DAY good or too much? Also, is my test dosage too low or just fine?


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thats impossible for me to answer when you literally give me nothing to work with... i dont know your cycle history, your goals? your workout history? stats??? age/height/weight/body fat... you cannot expect any sort of valid answer when you give me nothing to work with…