1. N

    Domestic Supply Odin Test Cypionate Deca Masteron Dianabol Winstrol Log

    What’s up my iSarms community! Very excited to start my cycle log for Odin brand: Test Cypionate Deca Masteron Dianabol Winstrol courtesy of the best in class providers at Domestic Supply. Please see attached photo of how my order arrived. Fantastic and prompt communication from their team...
  2. m555zma

    DBOL insomnia

    What do you guys take for insomnia? I'm on week 4 of dbol (30mg/day).. getting about 6 hours of sleep, sometimes less... I love this drug, but it's too damn powerful.
  3. P

    Cycle Help

    I have done one steroid cycle in the past which was Sustanon 250 dosed at 300mg for weeks 1-5 and weeks 6-12 I increased the dosed to 500mg. I was pinning every Sunday and completed a full PCT. I am wanting to do another cycle while eating 4,500 clean calories, one cheat meal a week, intense...
  4. Mjv89

    Adding DBol late in cycle

    I’m on week 5 of my test e cycle 400mg/week and I’m finally noticing some good gains. I plan on adding dbol in the next couple of weeks for 4-6 weeks total. I’m not using an Ai right now but I have aromasin and arimidex on hand. My question is, should I start taking an Ai once I start the dbol...
  5. m555zma


    I have exhaustively watched videos on dbol, each stating the same claims: puffy, watery, boolnish look+high risk of sides.. Some state a feeling of euphoria and strength, but I have no interest in either of those things because of fear of injury (trying to lift TOO heavy). Does this compound...
  6. L

    NPP, Dbol, Test Cycle

    I've recently watched Dylans video on NPP and as somebody who's done a Deca cycle in the past and loved it, but was deterred from the water retention. I was incline benching 275 for sets of 8-10 and bentover barbell rowing 315 for sets of 10+ easily by the end of the cycle. I'm looking to...
  7. M

    bulk cycle questions

    im looking to do a big bulk cycle thus winter. im looking at stacking d-bol anadrol test and eq what dosage would you guys suggest? im 5'8 150 9% BF I've run test and eq only before and wasn't really impressed however I did like the hardness from the eq.
  8. 9

    Dbol cycle AI dosage?

    Hi guys, I am going to start my second cycle that start with Dbol for 4 weeks. Gonna run it at 20mg per day and 125mg of test e per week. Wondering what should the AI dosage be roughly. My first cycle is just 250mg of test e per week and I ran 12.5mg of aromisin EVERY OTHER DAY, the blood work...
  9. M

    advice on my cycle

    Hi mate watch your vids and respect how straight up and sensible you are. This is why I’ve come for a little advise. Any would help thanks. This is my second cycle my 1st was just test cyp 250mg ever week(10week) no visible side effects, body took it well. Wanting to try this now let me...
  10. D

    Judge my cycle please

    hello guys, so I've been offered a cycle by a friend to run for 2 months or so and i would like to know what you guys think of what he's offering me to take, wether its a good cycle that i could build quality muscle with or is he trying to be a wise guy. I've seen dylan's videos on each roid...
  11. bel3303

    Second Cycle layout, Test+Deca

    Greetings to everyone. I'm at the start of my 2nd cycle and wanted to see your thoughts, along with one or two questions. My stats: Age: 34 in a few months Height: 1.90cm Weight: 100-101kg Body fat %: around 14 Years of training: been training since 24 years old, with some gap. 2,5-3 years...
  12. M

    Test dbol deca 2nd cycle

    G'day everyone been lurking for a while big fan of Dylan Gemelli. Planning to run my second cycle test dbol deca I'm looking for some more info on how to run the cycle properly and safely. First cycle was test 500 mg week and dbol 30 mg for 4 weeks, didn't take any AI and got big like a balloon...
  13. B

    Cycle: Test + DBol + EQ

    Hi guys, Looking for more advice on a cycle: 1- Test E 350mg/week 2- Dbol 30mg/week 3- EQ 500mg/week 4 -GW501516 20mg/day 5 - (maybe S4 as well, not sure yet)...? This is would be my 3rd steroid cycle; As i was on TRT 3 years ago (2014) due to serious health problems with Nebido (Test...
  14. W

    First Time User - Cycle (Test E)

    Age: 29 Height: 182 Cms Weight: 92 Kilos / 202.8 lbs I am considering running my first cycle and having an inclination of sticking to Test (E) only for the first run for a duration of 10 weeks. I want to have the opinion of the more seasoned user about my cycle! Should I be stacking it with...
  15. S

    Shitty advice from source (DBOL ONLY?)

    Supposedly I have been getting screwed from shitty info from my source as well as bad information on websites regarding dbol only cycles. It is weird because even on isarms . com under the DBOL section it says it is good to use as a stand alone cycle, but Dylan Gemelli says not to? I saw a...
  16. C


    Hello everyone. I understand that it's a no-go to use DBOL as a finisher. But is it possible to use it mid-cycle or is it only recommend to use as a kickstarter?
  17. T

    Second cycle help

    I'm starting my second cycle and I've been speaking to a professional bodybuilder who preps people for shows. Stats: 5ft11 23 years 12% body fat Aim: bulk then cut I've been training for years consistently First cycle I ran 300mg test prop only for 12 weeks. Under this bodybuilders advice...
  18. Gymscreechy

    Serious new member with questions

    Howdy, I'm 6'3 about 185lbs. Im 27 years old and I have been in and out of the gym for about 5 years, I have limited knowledge about dbol, which is what I want to begin to use. In the past I've gained from Russian bear and other mass gainers but have never Maintained the weight I acquired. What...
  19. S

    Tren Ace, test E, dbol, winstrol, Proviron.

    My goal: to get as lean and as cut as possible while loosing body fat and not wasting muscle mass. Need to get my body ready for December. Age 23 Height 1.77m Weight 85kg Body fat 14% Years of training 8 Cycles, dbol, winstrol amd tbol oral only cycles for 5 weeks all compounds not on same...
  20. P

    dosage: moderate cycle: dosage suggestions

    Have on Hand to use : Sust 250, pure decca 300, dbol 50 ( 100 tabs) 12 weeks .... what dosage would you suggest?
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