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I’m on week 5 of my test e cycle 400mg/week and I’m finally noticing some good gains. I plan on adding dbol in the next couple of weeks for 4-6 weeks total. I’m not using an Ai right now but I have aromasin and arimidex on hand. My question is, should I start taking an Ai once I start the dbol? If so, do I continue to use the Ai after I stop the dbol and continue it with my test e til the end of my cycle? Thank in advance
You should have been using an AI since the beginning of your cycle and until the end. You will definitely need an AI with Dbol. Do you plan on doing mid cycle blood work? Why did you wait so long to start Dbol?
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not the wisest thing to do adding dbol late in a cycle... the last thing you want to do is run something that is going to convert to estrogen at such a high rate right before pct or even close to it... not smart at all
If you're running dbol, it should be kickstarting the front end of your cycle not the end, and yes you should be using an AI. If you really feel the need to add an oral late, a compound like winnie can be nice for drying and hardening.

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Thanks Dylan. My cycle is going to be 18 weeks long and I was planning on adding the dbol for 4 weeks, so after the dbol I would continue with just test e for 8 more weeks after. Would this still be considered too close to pct?
i really wouldnt add dbol late in any cycle personally... its something you should keep the first 4 weeks of a cycle...
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