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Hey Dylan, thinking about running test e 250 at 500mg for 12 weeks kicked started by tbol for first 4 weeks. Recently had basic bloodwork done. I'm 28, 210 pounds, about 5'11 and have been training almost 10 years. Cortisol AM was a little low at 7.5. Been taking 500mg of Ashwagandha daily for the cortisol. Also ALT was 73 and AST was at 72 with A/G ratio 2.3. I'm currently running NAC 1,200mg ED along with 900mg Tudca. I did work out the day prior to giving bloods and read that can raise enzyme levels. My HDL was a little low at 30. I have been taking 3,000 mg fish oil for that. Should I hold off on running this cycle and or just stick to test e? Is it safe to run just test or should I wait until my bloods balance out before considering anything. Thanks! Also doc requested bloodwork bc I was having GI issues for about a month and half after coming off a week of Augmentin for sinus infection. He thinks the Augmentin possibly raised my liver enzymes.


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i would definitely not be running orals with bloodwork being that elevated man... i cant advise that... i would honestly get everything back in order first before you run a cycle... if they are already high or close to it, thats not a good way to start a cycle.. i would hold off until they are back into normal range