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Looking for some advise/knowledge for my next cycle...

Stats: 27(28 in September)
Height: 5?9
Weight: 180
BF: 13-14% (lowering to 12 before I go on cycle)

With this stay at home thing in my state going on right now, I?m not planning on doing a cutting cycle this year because of the unknowns. Originally I was going to run some Test/Tren/EQ for a nice summer cut... but now I?m thinking of just bridging with GW for cardio until I can get back in the gym.

New cycle layout idea:
Weeks 1-14 Test E 350-400mg/week
Weeks 1-14 EQ 600-800mg/week
Weeks 1-14 Deca 350-400mg/week
1-14Caber .25 x2/week
1-end of cycle(or until my bloods say otherwise) aromasin 12.5 EOD
Gw 1-14 20mg/ED

I have my pct all lined up plus some DGA organ support and Post CT for the ending weeks of cycle.

I was thinking of throwing in an oral to help with the leak bulk but I?m seeing everyone loving the sarms from Sarms4Sale.. I?ve only used GW never anything else so I?m not aware of what sarms may be best to add to the cycle and for how long.

Goals: lean bulk while lowering some Bf or keeping it under control. Diet is in check.

Any advice would be great
Cycle itself looks pretty good. For sarms, S23 and yk11 would be right up your alley. has the sarms you need. Use gains20 for 20% off
Am I not seeing it? I?m looking at the site I see the YK but not the S23 except in bundle package
your not seeing it... i was also going to recommend yk11 and s23... three bottles of each would get you through the 12 weeks... forget an oral... fuck, s23 is stronger than some orals without the toxicity...
s23 and yk11 would be a sick addition! has amazing stuff
The cycle looks pretty good and the guys have you covered with the Sarms. Let us know how it goes bro
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