Congratulations to the first Adrenaline Rush Contest Winner... 8cartman8


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Many of you remember the contest we were running as the first adrenaline rush referral contest... The object was to get as many referrals as you could to the site to win huge prizes... You needed to get at least 50 referrals to qualify... Only one person qualified and was a clear cut winner with over 100 referrals... I want to congratulate 8cartman8 for his stellar performance and contributions... This is the prize list that he has won! THANK YOU FOR THE HELP IN BRINGING IN SO MANY NEW MEMBERS TO THE FAMILY HERE!

1st Place: Pure Essence Sarms: A credit of $250 towards any order

Bio Tech: A credit of $175 towards any order

Phurious Pharma: A credit of $400 towards any order

Lady Pharma: A credit of $200 towards any order plus 20 Ampules of Thaiger Pharma Sustanon 250mg
The contest started many months ago and ended in september... Dont worry, there will definitely be more
I didnt know there was a contest either. But wow..100!?! Sheeeeeet, Cartmans been pimping hard core!
Well deserved, congrats!
Make sure you all capitalize on any future contests. This one has one winner, and one winner only. There will be more chances to win I'm sure in the future
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