Congratulations to the first Adrenaline Rush Contest Winner... 8cartman8

I don't think I've ever seen seen him post, lol. That is a hellacious winning, I'd be set for a very long time. Congrats cartman
i guess this is going to be like an unclamined lotto ticket.throw the prizes back in the pot and lets do it again ! woot
NY probably at his house trying to beat him down with a frying pan.

Stop it NY. We will get you the help you need ...

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Come on y'all.....the wife only allows me 16 hours at the gym every single day, yes 16 hours because I'm hardcore...I work the other 8...but sometimes, like today, I get off, no I didn't masturbate...ok ok, I can't lie, I did...but, I digress, yes I'm muy excited...

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Hahaha....and he finally comes forward! Congratulations brother!
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