Buddha's Spring Robo Cycle

I would prefer to look at a women posing but it is also good to look at what someone has worked so hard for even tho its a dude budd
So my competition from last year (it’s me for those not following along).
I’d say a little tighter over all at almost the exact body weight of 222lbs. I didn’t dehydrate or anything extreme. Just worked out and pulled my shirt off. Now to go get some pizza...
Looking great! Your upper back looks particularly amazing. Those were some really great results.

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I got a birthday coming up. It's hard to believe that I'm the same age as Brad Pitt.........just waiting for the Bros who went to google that.....yea, I've been getting AARP mailings for over 6 years, I'm too young to be this old!

I can def get a better front shot in the coming weeks and that is my short term goal. Long term goal, besides the whole world peace thing, bring it!

One of the gangsta barbers where I go quipped, "At least you'll have good pecs if you have an open coffin wake.", to which I replied, "I'd rather someone observed they saw me killing it in the gym the day before."

You have 2 choices in life, enjoy the struggle or not......
I had a Bro pm me stating that he was half way through reading this log, and I thought, "Wow! that's dedication for you." This thing is as long as a Buddhist sutra at this point.

So where do I go from here? I'm thinking I'll do a TRT thread for a while. I can wobble on about my training, and since it will be different thread, I can make all the same jokes again.

My results were nothing short of amazing. At the same body weight as last year there was more fullness and density. No bulk this year as the focus for next year will be the final touches on my abs. I don't do any kind of cardio in the gym, never have, but I may get a bicycle to add a new challenge and have some fun.

As always, contact me for Robolics list and contacts.

"You best believe, this thing is real."
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Hit me up if you need a price list and contact.....
Will be bringing this thread to a close soon. It's been so awesome it's hard to let it go, but since the only constant in life is change, I'll flow with time.

I've moved to my TRT dose of 100mg Test E a week, which should have my Test level around 900 on my next bloods. Meanwhile, killing it in the gym and feeling great.

Let's do this.....
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