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I had been maxing out the weights on my last workout design for a week or so, just letting form go on the final rep or two just to be sure. So today I started developing something new.

As always, coming in at 15-20 reps, and even then not to failure, initiating the motion in the target muscle, squeezing at the top of the motion, controlled negative, and pause before the next rep.
It will take me 6 body cycles to start to fail at 8 in my latter sets, but the only time we can make progress in out physiques, and in our lives for that matter, is in the moment.

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Enjoy your training...
Alright Bros, time to get your cycle plans together and order top quality gear to support your training and diet to achieve your goals.

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Hearing from Bros determined to get the gear for their most recent cycle design in order to stay focused on achieving their physique goals.

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I can see payday from here, which means gear order day.

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I enjoy being part of this community because the theme is consistently, health and longevity while striving to reach our ideal selves.

Get your bloods done, before, during and after cycle.

Lowest possible dosages for getting the most out of your cycle.

And train and eat like your gains depend on it - because they do.

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Our Saturday ritual is here again where we meet up on this thread while preparing for all things physique enhancing. What's the old saying, "Obsessed is what the lazy call the disciplined".

I'm just living my life in the way I get the most out of it and that includes focused training and a clean diet and when I attract attention wandering around in my tight T-shirt, you know I'm not even flexing.

I don't like competing in bodybuilding shows anymore. Paying $50 for a $5 trophy seemed a bit much and I wasn't feeling the culture overall. Like Rich Piana, may he enjoy his next life, used to say, "In the gym bodybuilding is a sport, on stage it is a beauty contest". So I take a photo on my birthday every year and compete against my last years physique to help maintain focus on self development. It's stiff competition, but I up for the challenge.

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We are on this journey together....
Nothing beats Monday morning training to set the tone for the week.

Today it was the new Press routine, Chest/Front and Center Deltoid/Tris, so sticking with the 12-20 rep range in perfect form. "Leave your ego at the door", definitely the theme as you find yourself holding 40 pound dumbbells for decline flys, so don't fight it. The weights will go up as the reps come down, so just enjoying the process.

I'm looking forward to my Spring Primo cycle so just TRT and our Generic HGH for the time being.

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I appreciate the individuals who have contacted me on the wickr me app and told me they follow this thread. I like to support this community and hear about everyone's goals and determinations.

I'm mostly active on this thread although I do drop in on others when there are questions or people are looking to clarify cycles, training routines, and diet stuff.

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Traditionally the end of October/beginning of November marked the celebration of harvest. An acknowledgement of the bounty brought about by the efforts in the past year.

We now move towards the days that encourage thoughts of what the new year can bring. Whether that is the Winter solstice, December 21st which is the date the daylight starts to increase, or New Years day with all the excitement of the infinite possibilities for the coming year, it's time to "be it, don't dream it".

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Every obstacle is an opportunity for growth...
Monday is the day that sets the mood for my training week, and I was killing it this morning.

Less time between sets, heavier weights, and smooth focused form.

I'm not waiting for my next cycle or someone to give me permission to work out.

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What do you use to gage whether your workout was awesome?

For some people it's the pump, while others go by the hypertrophy (that muscle soreness the next day), and still others how much they sweat during the grind.

I've been training for quite a few years now and I am no stranger to any of these, but the way I maintain confidence that each workout is the best it could have been is by keeping my focus on hitting maximum levels of effort throughout. Sometimes this is in my third set of the day and it definitely occurs a few times during each body part. It happens during high reps, low weights, and everything in between and always leaves me with a feeling of success when I leave the gym.

Keep your training focused and reach out to me for the latest 1 - Stop Domestic Shop price list on the Wickr me app, where I am also Buddhabuilder, while we are still running our specials.

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You found it!

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I'd like to extend a special Welcome to some of the new community members that have been popping up, pm'ing me here, and connecting with me on the Wickr me app. This site supports the responsible use of AAS for developing and maintaining your optimum physique as you pursue this healthy lifestyle.

Never hesitate to reach out with questions or just to talk about cycles, training, name it.

Everyone on the 1 - Stop Domestic Shop has experiential wisdom regarding ways to take your training and physique to new levels and are more than glad to answer questions and guide you on your journey.

Enjoy the day...
Happy Saturday.

However you are spending your time today I encourage you to get the Wickr me app on your phone and connect with me, I'm Buddhabuilder there too, to get the latest 1 - Stop Domestic Shop price list and start an interaction regarding your goals and how your next cycle can support you on your journey.

I am looking forward to my Spring Primo cycle and will be posting reports as that progresses, but I am not waiting to train and diet like my gains depend on it.

They always do...
1 - Stop Domestic Shop gear porn.

Here you have all the AAS needed for the most awesome Primo cycle ever. Just add a bottle of Aromasin and some otc liver support and you are good to go.

Watch for cycle details starting end of January.

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Sincerity is my favorite human trait.

I think it is the foundation of all the best in life including consistency, honesty, sensuality, (trying to think of one that doesn't end in "y") anyway, you get the idea.

I think we have the opportunity to manifest and strengthen all these qualities through our physique development. It always starts out as disciplined drive - goal focused, driving energy. But over the course of time it can become passionate drive - this energy draws you towards your goals and dreams.

This latter approach can be nurtured through being mindful in all things. And you know I'm going to say something here about meditation here, so I just did.

Just getting started...
It's time to take your training to a whole new level. I like watching BPak videos on youtube for ideas and then keeping close track of my weights and form to ensure maximum results with progressive overload.

Then get some new plastic containers to carry your food with you to ensure you are getting the right calories for your goals.

And don't forget to reach out for the latest 1 - Stop Domestic Shop price list here, or on the Wickr me app, so you'll be ready to get that bulking cycle going.

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