Blood Test Catch-All for PED users


I am on the fence about whether to do a Sarms-only cycle in the near future or a Test E cycle. It has been 4 years since I ran a Test E and Tren A for 12 week cycle, but I did OCT and PCT properly and seemed to fare well thereafter.

I basically want to add gains of 10-20lbs and lean out cut some fat. At 40, I definitely want to get my blood work done and make sure all is good before starting either.

I did read in another thread regarding blood work that one should get the "LC/MS-MS" test. What all does the LC/MS-MS test for?

I'll be going to a lab outside of a primary physician and I will be paying out of pocket...Is there a name for a blood test that will include results for all of the following?

LH (luteinizing hormone)
FSH (follicle stimulating hormone)
Total Testosterone
Free Testosterone
Red blood cell count
Blood Urea Nitrogen(no gym for one week prior to blood work)

Thanks in advance! and you can look right there and see all the tests for yourself...

you are not going to gain 20 lbs with sarms but you can get 10 KEEPABLE pounds at least and keepability with a far easier recovery and minimal sides is very ideal...
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