Aromasin & PCT


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Gonna do a cycle after many years off.

Testosterone Enthanate 350mg a week. Armidex anywhere from .025-1mg. From past experience, I'm not gyno prone.

My question is about PCT. Should I include Aromasin? Here's the plan. Nolvadex 30/30/20/20. I arrived at the Nolvadex schedule based on the amount of Test. Aromasin at 12.5g EOD. Clomid isn't in the picture as I don't tolerate it well at even small doses. Not sure about the Aromasin though. I've heard it can totally crush estrogen, but it can also jumpstart natural Testosterone production. Not sure what's true about the Aromasin part. Any help regarding my PCT would be appreciated.

I'm 43, 5'10, 230. Goal is to gain some lean muscle & lose fat.

Thanks in advance.

The below article is what got me thinking about the Aromasin.


43 yo 5'10 and 230 lbs after many years off...i could just asume that your bf is well over 20%, i'd highly recommend you don't use any steroids with this bf...adjust your training and nutrition and when you're under 15% bf you can go on the meantime you can consider a sarm cycle to speed up your results GW ,sr 9009, ostarine , s4...


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Sounds to me like you need to work on getting that bodyfat down and into better shape before starting a cycle bud