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Anyone ever order with ashop

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I used them about a month ago for one of my first orders, got everything in a little under 2 weeks and all the codes worked well. Pills that I have taken so far are definitely not bunk, but i would still recommend against them. Too many good sources here that are sponsored

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Completely agree.


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Just an update my order was reshipped and got our under 12 days very grateful for their professional services and two thinks up on their discrete packaging

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if they are not on this forum as a sponsor I just would not use them. my opinion I 100% trust everyone on this board


Anything you want from Moldova, hit up roids24 dude. Dont fuck with ashop. The "stealth pack" is the same thing r24 does. Shipping is great. Roids24 has the same products and more. All 100% legit.


I used ashop for my first cycle almost 10 years ago.

They're Balkan tbol and anavar was actually strong shit. I did 30mg ed of each and put on 20lbs in 6 weeks, lean gains. Now I'd do a first cycle differently, but honestly I was extremely happy with it.

But, I use the sources here now and they are top notch, and Alin is hit or miss. The bros and ladies here never miss, and if they make a mistake they will quickly make it right.

Of all the gear I have ever used, the Androlic green abombs were absolutely insane shit. A close second for me is Robo's tren. They are two different animals, but I respond extremely well to anadrol. Tren makes me hard, strong and consistent lean gains. Anadrol gives me much better strength, but I blow up huge on it. Not bloaty huge, fullness huge.

So, now I'm going to stack them haha!


I just ordered about 2months ago from ashop all BP products came within two weeks but I won't be ordering from them again too risky.


I agree. The androlic a bombs are very good! I won 100 of those on an auction before. They were great!